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We welcome Fig & Flower

New to the Virginia-Highland Atlanta area to supply the increasingly high demand for chemical free products. Let’s welcome Fig & Flower. They are currently the largest…

Marketing Offenders – ARE YOU ONE?

As per – “An offender is a person who transgresses moral or civil wrong. A wrongdoer. An abuser.”  I’m calling you out….you, you…

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Private Conversations

Private Conversations Made Public

By now everyone has heard about the scandal involving NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling, surrounding his recorded conversation that included racial comments. When I…


Summertime Fashion

Ladies, summer is finally here and there are a few items that we all will need in order to have an amazing, yet fashionable…

Just Because It’s Summer

Just because it’s summer people seem to do things that they normally wouldn’t. Living near the beach I see people out wearing clothes they…