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5 Creative DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Photo by InaFrenzy Flickr
Photo by InaFrenzy Flickr

Fall is in the air, but it’s not in your home. If you’re stuck on how to add a bit of autumn cheer to your place before Thanksgiving arrives but don’t feel like spending an arm and a leg, here are some creative ideas to wow your friends and family.

The Giving Thanks Tree

Thanksgiving is the time of year where you should share your appreciation and gratefulness with others. Why not make it visible for all to see?

A giving thanks tree – or thankful tree – is the perfect addition to a foyer, or it can be used as a centerpiece for the dining table. The best thing is it can be easy to make. This craft can be as simple as sticking some willow or tree branches into a tall vase or tin. Decorate the vase with moss or fake flowers. Take tiny chalk signs and a chalk pen and place beside the tree.
As friends and family come visit, encourage them to write something to hang on the tree.

The Edible Cornucopia

What’s better than creative decorations? Edible creative decorations! With some croissant dough and a little bit of enthusiasm, you can make your own yummy cornucopia.

When it’s finished baking, stuff the cornucopia with oranges, grapes and a few gourds. Just make sure everything is clean before stuffing it. The cornucopia will serve as a beautiful decoration until someone digs in to take the first bite. Serve with butter, honey or Nutella.

Thanksgiving fall decorFall is in the Air

If you don’t want the clutter of physical decorations, you can add a touch of fall to your home on Thanksgiving by concocting your own air freshener. Essential oils can create a fall atmosphere, or you can brew your own fall scent on the stove with oranges, cloves, apples and cinnamon. I like to put together a bowl of dried oranges, fake leaves, pine cones, nuts, and other fall items and just put a few drops of essentials oils on them to hold the smell.

Throw all of the abovementioned items into a pot and add water and vanilla extract. Bring to a simmer on the stove. Once hot, this mixture will smell heavenly. All of your Thanksgiving guests will be greeted with fall freshness as they enter.

Edgy Pumpkins

If your style isn’t cute scarecrows or a big blow-up lawn turkey, you can use pumpkins as a decoration, but add a little twist. For an edgy and spunky look, dip them in metallic paint Tape off sections of the pumpkin and after you paint them, let dry. When you remove the tape, you’ll have a mod twist on an old favorite. Silver, gold and bronze are all great colors, or use chalk paint.

Another pumpkin craft you can do that will add a modern touch to your home is to add studs and spikes to your pumpkins. These make a great statement piece for a porch or mantle.

String It Up

If you like crafting, but you don’t feel you’re that great at it, then this craft is for you. With some small nails or tacks and string, you can make customized signs for your home. String art is in vogue, so why not make a fall-themed piece.

Find a wooden board. Rustic or well finished will do, and you can paint it if you like. The next step is to gather embroidery thread in the color you want your lettering or picture to be in. Go online and pick a design you love. Don’t pick something super elaborate, especially for your first try.

For Thanksgiving, pick lettering that spells out “thankful,” “falling for you” or “give thanks.” Cursive or block lettering will really stand out. If you don’t want to do a word or phrase, try an outline of leaves, trees or pumpkins. This simple craft is great if you’re stressed – hammer away!

This Thanksgiving, we guarantee no one will be bored with your décor.

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I'm a hard core DIYer with an affinity for budget-friendly home improvement and design. I also have a strange addiction to my thesaurus and classy, rustic-looking owl decor. By day I work as a content specialist for an Internet marketing agency and by night I write on my blog Homey Improvements.


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