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Kokoa is pronounced Ko Ko Ah and it is derived from Japan not to be confused with Cocoa or anything of that nature. Kokoa means  love of the heart, mind, and spirit. 

Kokoa is a lifestyle site that is for the people. We listen to their stories, hear their cries, understand what they are talking about, and live in their shoes. We talk about the struggles of just trying to live and we want our audience to know where and how to make the most of their hard earned money. We offer tips, stories, advice, scenarios, and articles that speak to those of us who are on the ground living in reality. 

Our areas of focus are:

Food – Restaurant Reviews that will save you time and money with the truth, How to save money buying groceries, Recipes that are not only good but easy to fix, Food Articles and more

Kokoa Kids – All about Kids, Parenting, Babies, etc. Kids are a part of our lives so we must talk about the struggles of parenting 

Lifestyle – All things about life including home decor, travel, social issues, parties, DIY, Relationships, Beauty/Style, etc. The focus is about the real life of everyday people….not the rich life or the famous one

Business – I love small businesses and so many of us have them. We talk about marketing, photography, branding, and how you can make money doing what you love. It’s about making sure you leave something for your kids and their kids for the future. We will also be talking about organizations that help others. 

To continuously reflect and develop our readership, our creator and contributors are men/women living the real world experience while continuously aiming for a better life. Dedicated to bringing you content that’s inspirational, insightful, and fun, we address the real life that people live. I hope you are enjoying your life and living with all of your heart, mind, and spirit.

Along with bringing you our magazine we also have a business page. We specialize in helping small business owners reach their potential by offering you a start for your business/blog  without loosing the quality of great service. We offer logos, print work, photography, media kits, social media management, and much more. Keeping in mind that this is the real life and we are real people who need and want help. Kokoa is here to help you because someone helped us.
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Questions or concerns

 kitab@kokoamag.com – Editor in Chief  (you get me the person behind the magazine. No canned responses and we answer back within 24 hours) 

Info@kokoamedia.com (for media inquires or brand questions) 


Kokoa Magazine
Kokoa Magazine
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Would you like to be a guest contributor ? We would love to hear your story email me at biztalkwithk@gmail.com or go to our contribute page for more info






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Magazine Newsletter

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Kokoa Media and Branding is a full service media and branding company (Kokoa Magazine falls under that) we offer graphic design, branding, and social media marketing/management

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