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December isn’t the best month to have a Birthday


Happy Birthday to me! I was born on December 16th 198……something. Y’all thought I was going to tell you the real age huh. I am in the early 80’s if that helps so before 84 but after 80 so somewhere in between. I am funny about my age because my birthday has always been late and I got teased because I was the oldest one in the class so people would call me old lady. That scar carries to this day so I opt to let people guess what my age is and keep the actual age to myself and close friends. To some age is a number to me it carries years of teasing and torture. 

I take my birthday to reflect on the lessons I have learned throughout the year. Here are two most important ones….

  1. You can’t hang with people who don’t understand your life. I had a single friend who swears my life sucks because I can never go out and do stuff because I have to find a babysitter. She is always like tell their father to keep them, you need to hire someone from care.com, find someone don’t you talk to a lot of blog folks ask them. My husband works 6 days a week so that I can be at home with my kids I try not to bother him often unless it’s something to benefit our finances. Care.com is a no go because I don’t trust everyone with my most prized possessions. Would you trust a stranger to drive your car? Why would I allow one to babysit my kids. My blog buddies are just that buddies….they aren’t my besties and I would never ask them to babysit unless we were close. Two months ago I cut ties with her after she said the above to me for the 5th time this year. I was nice and told her that until you have kids shut the eff up and don’t call my phone anymore. (well I thought that was nice…don’t you) 
  2. Whats for me will be for me…no matter what. Sure I look at others and say…wow they are doing such and such and I get down in my woe is me life thinking why can’t I be like that. I love photography and I will go on others websites or instagram and think ….let me just throw my camera away because I am no good. Then I realize that sometimes the things you love should just be the things you love. It’s not how I will make my money or it’s not my true calling. So instead of being envious (we all get that way so don’t say that you’ve never been envious or jealous..its  a lie) I take some time to think about what my calling is and I work on that. I should be working so hard on my own things that I don’t have time to look up to see what others are doing. I have done great with that this year for the first time in my adult life. 

Now that the serious part is over let me explain why I hate that my birthday is in December…..

  • The weather sucks….I hate the cold. So much so that I don’t even turn my air on in the summer. My fans and cool air coming from the trees do me just fine. 
  • People act like they don’t know what you want …..no I don’t want anything to do with Christmas. Why would you get me a snowman..like why. 
  • I could never have birthday with my classmates…..I was bitter about this because my birthday was always the last day of school or we were out of school. I just wanted my class to sing me happy birthday *cries bitterly* 
  • All the activities have to do with Christmas……why can’t the lion king come to the Fox theater so I can see it for my birthday…I don’t want to see the nutcracker. 
  • I don’t get anything for my birthday because Christmas is the next week. My mom would always get me some type of jewelry for my birthday every year and take me out to my favorite restaurant (red lobster back then hibachi now) 

Is your birthday in December? Are you a fellow Sagittarius like me? 

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About the author


Goal Digger who loves to tell a story. I am a visual designer who also happens to be a wife, mother, and friend....sometimes all at once. Editor in Chief of Kokoa and Best Friends with God. I am originally from Charleston, SC (geechee) but reside outside of Atlanta, GA. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we all make a choice for the way our lives are lived.


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  • People without kids just don’t get it and never will. I don’t bother trying to justify things anymore and just do what makes me happy. Happy birthday Kita. I hope you enjoy it anyway. Oh one of your reasons for not liking you bday is the same thing my middle one says as she is a summer baby and is never in school for her bday.

  • Happy Birthday fellow Sagittarius! People who don’t have kiddos just will never understand! End of story. I’m a winter baby who would much rather Summer too. Oh, well we get what we get.

  • Happy belated birthday! I can so relate. I used to get a new outfit which was cool. School was still in, so I had a new outfit to wear to school and it was still “new” in January becauseI had only worn it once. Ditto to the comment above. I was graduation from high school 198*!

    We also in 11 years have never had a babysitter for Christopher unless my parents came in town and we went out. He’s our third wheel for all the celebrations – even anniversary. A few times he was at a sleepover or just at a friends house while we went out but I only am able to relax if he is here with my parents.

    Also – I love the cold. So I wasn’t too happy about it being 76 degrees on my birthday. I refused to turn on the air so I thought the icing would melt off my cake. It got to 79 in the house that day.

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