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Editor’s Note: I Know what I’m Not

getting to personal


I came across this song as I was looking for the message this month. Everyone tries to tell you what you should be and what you are but do you know what you are not? Listen to your heart, and don’t do what doesn’t feel right is the key to make it through this life. A few things that I’m not……I am not a person who listens to others I do my own thing, I ask for advice but at the end of the day I do what I think is right for me. I am not a person who forgives easily I say it but I don’t do it and that’s okay because for me I can acknowledge the truth in that and still be able to move on. I am not a person who trusts easily……it takes time but when I trust you you will have  loyal friend for life. I’m not a person who does what everyone else does. I like to think outside of the box it makes me….different or what some would say Crazy. I accept Crazy because sane people are so boring. I’m not a person who lives by words, I need action words mean nothing to me…..nothing. I think people need to be real with themselves and accept themselves and say what their not and stop trying to convince people of what they think they are. 

Kita Bryant

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Who want’s boring grilled cheese? Love this title ……….

 Did you know Target had a debit card that allows you to get free shipping? Why didn’t you all tell me?

I need one of these for pictures I know you all are tired of seeing my kitchen table.

Annie has come to target…..no not the movie but something just for little girls…..

Love Dirty Dancing the movie? This boy might be a bit better………

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We have some new team members….make sure you check them out. 

Holiday gift guides went out last week and during this week. I will have a link of all of them on our side bar soon

Don’t forget that this is not only a magazine but also a design company. I will have my latest projects on our side bar. To see full projects sign up to our newsletter. 

Speaking of newsletters…I want to give a huge huge thank you to everyone who has signed up. I know y’all sick of our pop up but it works lol

Any giveaway or freebie that we have only goes to those who sign up to our newsletter so sign up. 

You are always welcome to be a guest on our site to showcase your work and have a new audience. We talk about what’s real and you can remain anonymous. 

I had an incident a few weeks ago from a person who took it upon himself to email some of my favorite blog buddies and try to push his business onto people who didn’t invite it. I want to sincerely apologize for that and while I can’t promise that it won’t happen again I want you all to come to me the moment someone contacts you from a comment that you made on this site so I can take care of it. I will not have you all harassed at all and I was quite pissed about it. No one messes with my folk. 

We are having a twitter party. Yippee and you can win prizes. If you are on twitter all you have to do is sign up here.  We are using hashtag #bizfocus and you can win one of two prizes if you sign up. If you don’t want to sign up that’s okay to still join us. Can’t wait to see you there.


Welcome, November make it great







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Goal Digger who loves to tell a story. I am a visual designer who also happens to be a wife, mother, and friend....sometimes all at once. Editor in Chief of Kokoa and Best Friends with God. I am originally from Charleston, SC (geechee) but reside outside of Atlanta, GA. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we all make a choice for the way our lives are lived.

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