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I don’t know a thing about fashion good thing I was able to catch up with Reign (love the name) to ask her a few questions and get some fashion questions answered. 

1. How did you get into fashion? Was it something that was always the focal point of your life?

Fashion has always been a huge part of my life in one way or another.  As a child, it was something that I desired, especially since we didn’t have much money for new clothes, and my mom wasn’t really into shopping.  I didn’t let that stop me, as I used magazines and TV as a way to keep up with fashion and luckily my Mema (grandma) was very much into fashion.  Some of my fondest memories as a child were spending hours upon hours shopping with her.  She was the most fashionable lady that I knew, and going to the mall to find “pretty clothes” was always something special that we shared.  She taught me how to walk in heels, how to pair separates to make a statement and the importance of having a pretty handbag or clutch to complete your look.

2. How did you come up with your name The Fashion Reign?

When I met my husband, he initially thought that I had introduced myself as Reign.  To his defense, we were in a noisy environment, so I happily accepted my new found nickname.  Family members and friends gave me the nickname “Fashion Queen” back in High School.  I simply put these two together, and that’s how you have The Fashion Reign.

Reign's Style_Cool Greys
 3. What does fashion mean to you in your own words?

Fashion is one’s opportunity to make a statement; its how we show the world who we are without ever having to say a word.  Fashion is not only about the clothes, shoes and hair.  It is showing your confidence and having high self esteem…acceptance of who and what you are, and how you carry yourself.

 4. Do you have to have a lot of money to look good?

No, I am truly the fashionista on a budget.  I am a sucker for sales and have no problem thrifting or sifting through racks upon racks of clothing.  Working in the fashion industry, I’ve had the opportunity to learn the true value of a garment, and the definition of the word “markup” is no joke!  Unfortunately, knowing this bit of information sometimes makes it hard for me to spend a certain amount of money if the quality is not right.

Reign's Style_Spider Blues

 5. Can you give us your favorite place to shop that’s unique and different from regular places? (Regular places being TJMaxx, marhsalls, Kohls, Macy, etc)

My favorite place to shop right now would be Boohoo (www.boohoo.com [1]).  I’m really into to shopping online, as that’s where you’ll find some of the most unique pieces at a fraction of the cost!

 6. What’s one thing in life that you have learned the hard way?

That it does no one any good for you to worry about what the next man (or woman) thinks of you.  Yes, its a great thing to be able to please those that mean the most to you.  However, at the end of the day it is more important that you are taking the time to live for YOU…enjoying life to the fullest.  This can translate into all facets of life.  I am committed to living as happy and worry free of a life as I possibly can, making sure to have tons of fun as I go along.

Reign's Style_Navy is the New Black(1)


For the feature photo, and the next to the last photo: Monique Harris Photography www.moniqueharrisphotography.com

All other photos…. J’ai of LaFleur NaturElle www.lafleur-naturelle.com

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About the author


Reign, editor of The Fashion Reign Blog, is a fashionable lifestyle blogger from Texas that has always had an eye for beauty and fashion, and has always felt that she would pursue fashion on a professional level one day. With pop culture being such a huge influence in today's world, Reign uses her own fashion, beauty and health experiences to show others how easy it is to look and feel good without coveting the likes of celebrities and other public figures to the point of exhausting your bank account. She believes that confidence and having a high self-esteem are the first steps to being happy, finding your true sense of fashion and portraying the image that you would like for the world to see.

Reign currently resides in Houston, TX, with her husband and miniature terrior, Diva. She is surrounded by fashion, working in the buying office of a major retailer by day, and has had experience in product development and fashion design. By night, she is an avid reader of fashion and beauty blogs/magazines, watching reality TV shows and spending time with her family.


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