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Kokoa Magazine Top 10: March 11

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Whew it’s been a while since I did my top 10 stuff. Here’s what’s going on

  1. As many of you know I lost my husband a few weeks ago. He was killed on the job. My kids and husband were all over the news but I wasn’t. Many folks didn’t know who I was unless I mentioned it which means I do a great job of staying behind the scenes which I like. Since my kids were plastered all over the news I had to limit their outings because people would recognize them and come up to me and I was sick of it so I kept them at baby sitters houses or took them out in the late evenings. We are doing okay. Taking it one day at a time. I was married for 10 years but I am no stranger to single parenthood. I would always tell my friends that I was married but single since my husband worked from sun up to sun down 6 days a week. I was also raised by a single mother so I know the drill and I am well prepared. I miss him very much but I know he is watching over us. The God I serve doesn’t make mistakes he only does things right on time no matter the circumstances. I love HIM and thank him for the good and the bad. 
  2. I am slowly coming back to work and want to thank my team for the awesome job that they did holding me down and making sure content kept going even when I couldn’t. If you haven’t met my team make sure you check them out. As I come back I find that I need clarity on a few things before I take my brand and business any further so I have decided to hire a brand coach. I am not a fan of coaches at all but if I hire I make sure that the person I hire comes with receipts because I do not waste my time nor money on people who can’t take me to the next level and it’s time that I go to the next level. So with that said….there will be changes being made to the magazine and possibly even a name change. No worries I will keep you all informed as I better brand myself and my business. 
  3. If you see a lot of shares and stuff on Twitter it’s because I have a VA whose putting them into some type of sharing platform. I promise you I am not stalking you lol. I didn’t realize that thing rt so much stuff.
  4. I am really digging Post Planner for my Facebook. If you haven’t tried it make sure that you do. It’s an awesome platform and my views on Facebook have went up because of it. 
  5. I am trying to plan a birthday party for my daughter. Specifically a pool party and I only have one week to get details together as her birthday is on April 16th…..I have called several pool places in Atlanta and all are either closed or they don’t do pool parties for non guests. I have two more to check out next week if they don’t pan out we will keep it simple and do a fun place or do bowling and call it a day. You would think Atlanta would have oodles and oodles of places to have kids parties but I am so sick of the same ole same ole. 
  6. My Home Decor editor is showing us how to make our front doors pop!
  7. I still have my business but I may be combining into one platform soon with a new name. If you need me email me at info@kokoamedia.com I am not taking on a lot of clients but I can recommend people. Check out my website at www.kokoamedia.com
  8. I loved this quote that I found on Instagram ” College is like losing your mom in the grocery store for 4 years” I must agree
  9. I am still doing my project 365 and just finished day 70. I am on a good roll and I feel good. It’s been great to capture pictures everyday and I get to learn my camera much better. If you are doing a photo a day challenge let me know. Feel free to join mine anytime. On Weekends you can post whatever you like. Monday’s something from that morning, Tuesday a black and white photo, Wed. something from that evening. Thursday something colorful and Friday any type of food or drink. 
  10. I may or may not be in some of these photos…..I don’t have a lot of friends so I am careful who I call friends. A friend to me is someone who is there anytime of the day when you need them the most. They don’t judge, they don’t pull each other down, they keep what goes on in their circle in their circle. I am truly thankful and blessed to have met a few women here in Atlanta and so proud to call these ladies my friends. When my husband died they all showed up the next day and showed out. No questions asked, and no judgement given. Love my circle y’all better get you one! 
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Goal Digger who loves to tell a story. I am a visual designer who also happens to be a wife, mother, and friend....sometimes all at once. Editor in Chief of Kokoa and Best Friends with God. I am originally from Charleston, SC (geechee) but reside outside of Atlanta, GA. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we all make a choice for the way our lives are lived.


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