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Say Hello to Live Streaming on Facebook


Greetings everyone!  I hope you had a dandy time over the Thanksgiving weekend. I’m back with business news that I know you can use.

Facebook, that social media site that we love to love and love hate, has been busy cooking up new features.  One such feature is Live Video Streaming. Move over Periscope there’s a new streaming partner in town and they go by the name of Facebook. 

Social Media giant, Facebook is rolling out live video broadcasting to a small pool of U.S. based  iOS users. They made the announcement on Thursday, December 3rd in the Facebook newsroom. Originally, Facebook released this feature earlier this year to just celebrities and high-profile people.  However, in a move to take on Periscope,  owned by Twitter, Facebook decided to test out their video streaming feature to a select pool of U.S. based iPhone users.

If you’re an iPhone user and you’ve been selected to test out the feature, you’ll see a “live video icon” in the status update area on your phone.  Just like other content you share on Facebook, you can choose who you want to view your live broadcasts. You can also write a description so that your viewers know exactly what they’re watching. While broadcasting you’ll be able to see the number of live viewers who are tuning in, the names of all your Facebook friends who are watching, as well as any comments that people have posted. Once you have finished live streaming, the video will be saved to your timeline. This could be great for you as a  business owner. Think in terms of the “behind the scenes” action that you can share; offering your potential customers a glimpse into the actions that make your business functional.

While Periscope has gained a huge rush of loyal followers, I think that Facebook will definitely give them a run for their money. Unlike Facebook, Periscope is not integrated into the Twitter app. Users have to use a separate App for “Scope” live. Facebook gets the brownie points by delivering their live streaming as an integrated part of their app. By integrating this feature into the app, users can engage directly on their page without having to leave Facebook to go to completely new app.

One of the features of the app from the viewer perspective, is the ability to subscribe to broadcaster  so they are notified each time the broadcaster live streams a  new video.  Very cool indeed.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been selected or if you’re not an iPhone user, Facebook has been quite swift is rolling out its new features pretty quickly. Thanks for tuning it, see you next week!

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Shantel Collins

I’m Shantel Collins. I’m a self-taught graphic designer and marketing strategist. When I’m not designing or strategizing for my fabulous clients you’ll find me wining and dining on the brunch scene in DC.

I’m an avid lover of art and nature and a hobbyist photographer. My daughter is the center of my joy and I’m just a family gal at heart.

You can can connect with me through my blog at:

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