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Sweets By Belen



1. Can you tell us a little about your business? How did you come up with the
name and how you got started?

Our business is the preparation of Peruvian and Latin American desserts. I was a Spanish teacher for 14
years until I decided to work full time in this sweet adventure. I started baking for myself right after moving from Peru to Louisiana sixteen years ago.

My mother always kept cookies, pies, and cakes on the table for my brothers, sisters, and me when I was a child. She didn’t have the recipes written down so I telephoned her and she gave me the recipes and told me how she prepared them. It took a lot of days on the phone.

I wish I could have been more creative with the name of the business when I first started. Some people have trouble pronouncing my name. But everybody who knows me, and has for a long time, just says, “Oh those are Los Dulces by Belen”. Now people buy the alfajores in the supermarket where I sell them because they recognize my name.

2. What types of sweets do you sell?
Most of the recipes are from my mom and my grandmother with my own little twist. The cookies are called alfajores. Every South American country has their own version of this and they are very popular. Other favorites are flan, chocolate cake, and cakes filled with luscious tropical fruits like lucuma, chirimoya, passion fruit, and ice pops which are our most popular treat during the summer. The ice pops come in strawberry, chirimoya, lucuma, passion fruit, and Peruvian purple corn. The purple corn is particularly delicious an refreshing on a hot day.

3. I see that you have a food truck to sell your sweets. Do you also sell online
and in other cities? Yes, our truck is called the “Sweet Mobile” and I feel she is part of the family. We only sell alfajores online and have shipped them to places like New York, Florida, Colorado, and others.

4. What makes your company stand out from other companies that may be similar?
I may be wrong, but I think we are the first Peruvian to have a food truck selling desserts at events and selling at farmers markets from a tent. We also do catering for birthday parties, showers, and anniversaries. We can cater any celebration or happy moment in your life.

5. What is your most unique yet popular sweet that you sell?
Our most unique and popular sweet is the alfajores. Other people make their version of alfajores, but we are particularly proud of the one made from my mothers recipe.

6. What is the best part about owning your own business?
I can be creative. I am my own boss. I can do my own schedule. I can also help and create jobs not only for other women here in USA, but also in my beloved Peru. I am in total control of the future of my business.

Belén Bailey



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About the author


Belen Bailey is a former 8th grade Spanish teacher who loves to bake homemade Latin American Pastries. She is on the road with her Sweet Mobile.


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