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Trust me, I’m a Professional!


I know you’ve heard this “Trust me, I’m a …” many times before. For some reason, experts in their fields have to remind their customers to just trust them. I’m not sure if it is because there was a breach of trust within the relationship or if the customer/client came into the relationship with a mindset of fear and distrust. Either way, there are times when you have to reestablish trust in the client-professional relationship.


As a marketing professional, I work with a number of small business owners. Many of these business owners “get” marketing, but the ones who don’t “get” it are distrustful. It becomes an uphill battle of trying to educate them on what marketing can do for their business, the value of marketing, the cost of marketing and understanding that marketing is a process not a product.


I can show them marketing successes such as Geico, McDonalds, Walmart, M&M’s, etc… but to these business owners, marketing success is just some sort of abstract idea. They are unable to see that the principals of marketing will work on a small scale just as they do on a large scale. I have to be honest and let them know that having a large or flexible marketing budget will give them a greater reach than a small budget. But with a small budget and a little creative thinking, they can still garner a share of whatever market they are in. Then as their business grows, their marketing budgets will do likewise. 


Merriam-Webster defines trust as, “the belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc…” When working with a marketing professional or agency, you, the business owner, must learn to trust the suggestions and direction they offer. I’m not saying that everything they say or do is gold, but if you believe you both are on the same page and that this professional is trustworthy, then why would you block or sabotage their work, when it is all in your best interest? Advertorial relationships are never successful.


My suggestion is that you

 Don’t just “leave it to the professionals” and then cry foul when you failed to be an active participant in the marketing of your business. Be open to suggestions. Understand that what you think may be different from the professional. Remember if you really knew marketing, you wouldn’t have hired them in the first place, so don’t run them away, just because you disagree or can’t see the big picture. Give the professional a chance to connect the dots and color in the spaces for you and who knows, you just might be sitting on marketing gold.  


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Mad Lady Marketing

My name is Starla Fitch, a.k.a Mad Lady Marketing and co-owner of Green Leaf Marketing. Green Leaf Marketing is full service marketing agency specializing in advertising, public relations and brand development. My company has worked with clients from Seattle to Houston to Florida, so we know marketing. My alter ego, Mad Lady Marketing is a blogger and published author. I am bold, out-spoken, and an informative voice of reason you will love to hate. But, listen too. I will give my marketing advice to you “straight with no chaser”.


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