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Women are Game Changers

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1. How did you come up with the name for your organization? I had a blog before this and a Facebook fan page. The word diva was being overly used and I wanted to change from that word. I googled verbs that I thought described women. Well on Facebook I saw the word gamechanger and looked it up. I only saw Nike and athletes associated with the word. I thought well women are gamechangers and at 1:17am on September 17 I bought the domain name.
2. Can you give us some different and unique ways that women are changing the game? Well let’s take Issa Rae for example. She will have 3 different shows on 3 different networks and she started on Youtube. She took her talent and kept going to make it a thriving business. The same can be said in non entertainment business. Women in general are starting businesses at a quicker rate than men. Also more women are taking control of their finances and that hasn’t happened too often in the past. Today women are finding their voices and using them to speak life into their purpose.
3. Can you tell us about your Fusion Tour? Fusion actually came from a book I read. I met the author in 2011 and bought her book, ‘Wicked Success is Inside Every Woman.’ I thought why not create an event like that. I noticed that many women I saw attending networking events just weren’t getting the results they needed to continual grow their business. I hosted 4 Fusions summer 2012. I didn’t look at it to be the cornerstone of Women Are Gamechangers. The awards and seed grant came due to the uniqueness of this networking event. Posting online more and more women kept asking for this event to come to their city. I decided to make it a tour and take Fusion to several cities a year. The purpose of Fusion is to bring back authentic networking where business relationships are started and intimate conversations are had.
4. Networking is key to how women communicate these days. How do you view social networking? Is it good, bad, could it get better?  Social networking is both good and bad. Many times we just chat with one another and it leads no where for our business. That’s bad. But I’ve been able to meet, connect and build strong business relationships with other women entrepreneurs via social media. I take the communication offline to sustain the relationship. We either meet in person (here in Houston), talk on the phone, skype, etc. I see social networking for introverts like me as a gateway to begin to build relationships with others who can be in our connecting circles. I even wrote an eBook to help with that.

5. What are some of your future goals for the organization? Well we’re not an organization. The name makes it seem like we are. But the name opens many doors. So I’m keeping it, lol. We are for-profit. One of our goals will be to extend Fusion to more gamechangers around the world not just with the tour but with a program we will announce August 17 at the first stop of the tour. Women Are Gamechangers does not just produce events, programs, ebooks, services, etc to have them. We carefully test everything we do to see what will give our community the best return on their investment. Our focus is to help women entrepreneurs build business relationships and we take that serious by making sure what we put out aligns with that focus.

Buy now and see what comes after my why! http://www.divaswithapurpose.com/after-why-comes-how/

About the author

Vernetta Freeney

Vernetta R. Freeney runs an award winning, popular business blog for women entrepreneurs and is the owner of Women Are Gamechangers LLC. She created Fusion Tour which is the first national networking tour for women entrepreneurs. She speaks and writes to help women understand not just the importance of networking but how to do it effectively that leads to building long lasting business relationships by attending events. Through speaking, blogging, online chats, live events and producing her own show Vernetta connects women to Gamechangers in business. She is a chocolate lover, TV scripted drama watcher, film fanatic and the biggest Dallas Mavericks fan. Chat with her online but stop by the site to get to know her and what she does better www.womenaregamechangers.com.


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